We Are Partnering Up With CryptoTask!

New partnership — new territories to conquer! We’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with CryptoTask — a decentralized freelance marketplace making your job-hunting a breeze! Let’s see what this is about!

iBetYou x CryptoTask

Since iBetYou allows you to bet any amount of tokens with anyone on anything, CryptoTask will use it for internal employee challenges and with their community. The challenges will revolve around meeting the milestones in a set period of time and games around that

Everybody likes to be right and win, right?

Additionally, we have chosen CryptoTask as our talent acquisition partner. Since we are scaling, the demand for experienced blockchain developers is also increasing, and we need some newcomers to join our jolly team! Our new colleagues will be in charge of curating the path of iBetYou, as well as polishing the existing features.

Last, but definitely not least — iBetYou and CryptoTask will join forces in developing and advancing both DAO and dispute review systems that’ll play a key role in both projects.

We are really excited for the future of this partnership — we’ll achieve some amazing things together!

About iBetYou:

IBY is a permissionless blockchain protocol that allows you to bet any amount of tokens with anyone on anything. It uses the basic principles of betting and kicks it up a notch with crypto wizardry. iBetYou has recently received grants from AAVE, Polygon, Moonbeam, and the Near protocol.

🌎 Website: ibetyou.xyz
🐦Twitter: twitter.com/ibetyouxyz
📢 Telegram group: t.me/IBYXYZ
🔔 Telegram announcements: t.me/IBYAnnouncement
Telegram marketing: t.me/IBYBeyound
📚 Medium: medium.com/@ibetyouxyz

About CryptoTask:

CryptoTask is the first fair freelancing marketplace. We strongly believe in creating a more just freelancing ecosystem, and help freelancers do what they do best while enabling them a stress-free environment where they can earn more and be paid faster. We are solving online freelancing problems by utilizing smart contracts enabling very low fees, scalable dispute resolution systems, instant payments, and more. Our main advantages are scalability and focus on high-quality UX so that users have no need to install 3rd party plugins and wallets. We are the biggest job market powered by blockchain with 35,000 users.

🌎Website: www.cryptotask.org/en/info
Freelance platform: https://www.cryptotask.org/en
📢Telegram: https://t.me/cryptotaskofficial
🔔Telegram news: https://t.me/cryptotaskchannel
🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/ct_task
📱Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cryptotask
🔮Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptotask/
💼LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptotask

Bet any amount with anyone on anything. No limits, no rules, just your imagination.Wrap a bet into a token and enter the exciting world of Decentralized Financ