iBetYou Announces NFT Staking Reward Program With Rage.Fan!

Excited about the Olympics? We definitely are! We are raising the adrenaline bar higher by presenting you with an opportunity to bet your friends on your favorite sport and get more rewards through the NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan.

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Stake your $IBY
  2. Accumulate points
  3. Redeem your favorite NFTs using those points.
  4. Earn reward in $IBY and $RAGE


Points per $IBY staked: 1/$IBY/Day

  • Flexi Staking — as the name suggests will give the users the provision to unstake $IBY at any moment. Points are acquired for every second you remain staked.
  • Instant Rewards — is based on Fixed Staking and the users get all the points upfront. However, the token remains locked for the selected duration of time.

Each NFT will have attributes: This is the most important information. You can calculate the $IBY and $RAGE you can earn if you own the NFT and your selected country wins a medal. The points allocation is based on the performance of each country at the 2021 Olympics.

More detailed information on the points required to redeem any NFT, you can find within the NFT itself. Just go to https://nftstake.rage.fan/ and select the Olympics NFT board.

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