2021 Yearly Recap

Polygon Deployment 🔛 & Community

In the first months of 2021, after successful deployment on the Polygon, the IBY team has focused on growing, sharing and working with the community. …

For the first time ever we are bringing light dApps on StarkNet Mainnet

In case you’re right, you can receive a financial reward (the pot) and definite proof of who was right in the form of an NFT token minted to prove you were right for eternity!

IBY is currently operating on five major blockchain platforms: Polygon, Moonriver, Avalanche Network, Arbitrum, and Binance…

Step-by-step guide: How to bridge $IBY to Polygon, and how to trade $IBY on QuickSwap

As announced, $IBY is deployed on QuickSwap Polygon DEX, enabling IBY holders to bridge to Polygon, and trade on DEX. Moreover, all future vesting distributions will happen on Polygon, too.

1️⃣ How to bridge $IBY to Polygon? 2️⃣ How to trade $IBY on QuickSwap?

To trade $IBY at QuickSwap, you’ll…

We’re super-excited to announce that iBetYou is now officially deployed on Arbitrum!

iBetYou x Arbitrum

We believe that Arbitrum’s standardized cross-chain bridge will bring a better and more secure user experience, with reduced transaction costs and increased confirmation speeds.

Let’s dive deeper! Arbitrum allows the following:

iBetYou is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Degen Gang, a limited series of 7,000 NFTs, programmatically generated from a random combination of more than 180 traits.

In this collaboration, iBetYou integrates with a Degen Gang feature — Degen Bar. It’s a full-blown members-only club where Degen Gang NFT holders can engage in Play-to-Earn Bar Fights, socialize, as well as cop the latest merch.

The first rule of fight club is to tell everyone you know about…

It’s not huge news our community is truly the greatest of them all. That’s why we decided to pay our respect to the iBetYou veterans, the so-called “first ones,” “early birds,” the “ultimate crypto betting aficionados.”

iBetYou’s NFT Giveaway For The IBY Veterans

We are extremely excited to hand out a little present for everybody who has been with us from day 1 (or day zero, for that matter).

Check whether you’re on the list!

By holding this NFT you will be able to access the VIP channel with all the founders and…

That’s right our friends — chasing milestone after milestone, last week we’re officially integrated into four chains: Moonriver, Avalanche Network, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon!

iBetYou is Integrated with four chains: Moonriver, Avalanche, BSC and Polygon!

As a continuation of our multi-chain strategy, we decided to deploy iBetYou to the following four chains: Moonriver, Avalanche Network, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

This will enable the iBetYou community even more flexibility in liquidity, rewards, higher performance, and give an overall more scalable protocol support.

Let’s see what these integrations bring us:

As a part of our commitment to take IBY even further and expand the community, we are proud to announce an official deployment with Moonriver! To celebrate this milestone, we’re giving away 5,000 USD-worth of $IBY to you, our beloved community!

iBetYou x Moonriver giveaway!

iBetYou has deployed Moonriver and we were dying to share this outstanding news with you. Since we really need to celebrate this one, why not make you guys happier! Take a look at how to participate in this giveaway below!

First things first — What is the integration about?

As part of the Moonriver and iBetYou collaboration, IBY received…


Bet any amount with anyone on anything. No limits, no rules, just your imagination.Wrap a bet into a token and enter the exciting world of Decentralized Financ

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