4 Real-Life Examples How Betting Makes a Fine Extra Income

From wearing breast implants for a few years to golden random guesses leading to thousands of dollars on a bank account.

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Betting can turn you from eating baloney and bread to enjoying caviar, 60-yo champagne, and lobsters. One single second of inconsiderate “Yes” can make you a freaking Dan Bilzerian (or whoever you want to be). One single “no” can, well, leave you a pathetic slime you already are.

Have you ever thought about getting a new, super-retarded name just to see other people’s faces? Or maybe you can ask your friends to come up with one!

How about “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova”? That’s a name a New Zealand man got after he lost a drunken bet to his friends.

Why didn’t they come up with a 200-character long name? Because of the 100-character maximum requirement of The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs Births, Deaths, and Marriages! Ahhh, that’s a bummer! More of a bummer is that Mr. Frostnova found out that the name change had actually been approved five years later — he found out after his passport expired.

I wonder how he actually introduced himself, though. I’d go with “Hi, I’m More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock”.

It was 1989, the dawn of synth pop, hair metal, and unforgettable mullets. The same year the democracy started to gain momentum in the central and eastern European countries. USSR pulled out of Afghanistan and a Welshman placed about 50$ bets on five things he thought would remain the same by the start of a new millennium.

Bono Vox on stage.

He stated that TV shows “Home and Away,” “Neighbours” and “EastEnders” would all still be on the air, singer Cliff Richard would receive a knighthood, and the guys from U2 would still be kicking ass on stage. Almost 11 years later, he walked away with 320 thousand dollars from a bookmaker. A very unfortunate bookmaker, to say the least.

Like any other form of leisure activity, betting can become a way of life. It can drive you to the absolute limits, just like it did for Brian Zembic, Canadian magician and high-stakes gambler.

Zembic’s betting habit has stuck with him since forever. He lived for a week in a people’s bathroom for 7.000$. After a ping-pong game against poker player Doyle Brunson, Zembic won 14.000$. On another occasion he slept through the night in New York’s Central Park with 20 grand on him — which, I guess, he could take if he didn’t get robbed.

Brian Zembic

If you think that’s a lot of money for such things to do, listen to the next one. Zembic had gathered an immense following in the summer of 1996. During a high-stakes game, the guys were randomly talking about women’s breast implants at the table. This argument agreed on both sides that Zembic would receive breast implants and if he kept them for a year, he’d win 100 grand (that’s approximately 160.000$ in 2021).

He has actually lived with the implants for years and made some more money out of it. After asking his young daughter about her thoughts on the implants, she said they still help pay the bills. What a fucking brilliant answer!

If you’re into motorsports, this one may sound familiar. Lewis Hamilton made a guy named Richard Hopkins (you may also call him Nostradamus II) 165 thousand pounds richer in three different bets. You may say that Mr. Hopkins would make a great talent hunter. His son, then 13-yo, was a go-kart racer. He raced against Lewis Hamilton who had, judging by Mr. Hopkins, a bright future ahead of him.

On one occasion, Hopkins made a 200-pound bet that Hamilton would win his first Grand Prix by the age of 23.

That’s not even the whole story. Hopkins also bet 100 pounds that Hamilton will win the World Championship by the age of 25, as well as betting 50 pounds for both events to happen. Everything turned out to be true. It made Hopkins 125 thousand pounds “heavier”. See, kids, that’s how you make money by betting.

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