3-MONTH HIGHLIGHTS: What Have We Accomplished?

There are some iBetYou team members who weren’t so sure about them actually enjoying roller coaster rides. You know, like, the real deal. Although we didn’t have a physical experience, we sure did have a wild ride with the project. Hopefully, everybody on board got used to it because we’re actually still on it going full-speed ahead. Yes, at break-neck speed, to give you the ultimate and the most quality experience of p2p betting ever.

By making a challenge-oriented platform iBetYou allows you to make your bets truly yours. Wanna bet your friend on soccer game results this week? Good! Have you finally realized you’re too fat and need a push to lose weight? Even better! If your friend tends to somehow forget about the bet you’ve made yesterday at a bar, unfortunately for him, blockchain doesn’t forget.

As accidental as your last drunken call to your ex, iBetYou literally came to life from stories we all knew so well. People we made some sort of a challenge with suddenly “forgetting” you made a bet, not willing to pay you if they lost or some other similar crap made us go mental. Like, we started asking ourselves if the people we’re actually hanging out with are worth our time. Not really, but you get the point. Bets are here to make a fun pastime and challenge yourself or your frenemies!

Let’s take a quick look at the highlighted accomplishments iBetYou has made in its short life span!

Basically, our first prototype was rolled on ETH Mainnet, and at one point the gas cost started raging.

Polygon (MATIC) grant announcement!

Virtually no one would be using IBY if making a simple bet would cost you a tons of money in the end. At the time Polygon was still going strong under the name MATIC and we realized it’s our (and your) gateway towards making the app we know today — simple, fun, and fair to the end-user. By applying for their Developer support program we got the much-needed guidance, and with a grant, we were put onto a track and were ready to launch. Huge thanks to the whole Polygon team!

Aave grant announcement!
Polygon (MATIC) & iBetYou AMA session (13 May)

Both Edi (IBY CEO) and Luka (IBY Advisor) in their ordinary fashion have shared with you all the info you guys were interested in. From milestones, features, to the platform’s other bells and whistles. Additionally, Polygon guys once again made us feel at home. Here’s a recap in case you missed it!

As you might have noticed, the $IBY token has seen the world by now with three IDOs on three platforms — Poolz, TrustPad and we’re among the very first projects launched on SushiSwap’s MISO platform!

iBetYou X SushiSwap MISO

All we can tell you is we’re really proud to have such platforms behind our back!

Bob Ross is THE man!

Everybody has to get their much-needed refreshment. Whether you’re into physical stuff like getting your facelift or just meditating until the blissful moment, we have decided our users deserve a refreshed and altogether better experience in using IBY. That’s why we’ve worked hard on our UX and — viola! The revamped betting dashboard can be seen here! Just a first step, we’ll do that on a regular basis.

As we both believe in a multi-chain future of crypto, along with our partners in crypto crime Netvrk we will be making our betting platform as seamless and as easy to use as possible!

Just as our CEO Edi said — we love new cutting-edge stuff and can’t wait to explore the possibilities together! Let’s roll!

Partnership announcement with Octopus Protocol!

We have started working with the Moonbeam team to launch the IBY protocol and Dapp on Polkadot. This integration will allow Moonbeam and Moonriver token holders to use their Glimmer ($GLMR) and Moonriver ($MOVR) tokens in a fun and meaningful way. We launched the prototype soon after that announcement, it’s live now on ibetyou.xyz

For example, Moonbeam and Moonriver tokens can be used to create personalized bets, challenge friends, or anyone on anything.

Last, but not least news we got for you is that we will be using NEAR Protocol for fast transition processing thanks to its 1-second block cadence. Its range of modular components will help our developers implement NFTs, token contracts, faucets, and more.

We are huge supporters of NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem, and we are looking forward to implementing NEAR’s novelties on our platform.

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